Rapid Test Pro for Peanut

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Professioneller Schnelltest auf Lebensmittel-Allergen Erdnuss

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Rapid Test Pro is an innovative food allergen lateral flow kit, which can effectively detect food allergen protein in both processed and unprocessed foods. The kits are also suitable for production line examination by swab testing. The kits use an innovative extraction solution to achieve a high recovery of the target allergen protein in both processed and unprocessed foods. The extraction solution is the same as our Food Allergen ELISA Kit II. Moreover, the solution included in Rapid Test Pro is ready to use. With that, distilled water to prepare any reagents for testing is not required.

For more details about our extraction solution, see Morinaga technology.

Kit Specifications
Messprinzip:                      Lateral flow immunoassay
Sensitivity                          5 µg/g food
Sample volume                  1 g for food sample testing
                                         1 mL for clean-in place rinse water or swab kit solution
                                         For swab testing, commercial swab kits using PBS is available.
Number of immunosticks   10 sticks
Sample Extraction             10 minutes
Measuring Time                 15 minutes (not including Sample Preparation/Extraction)
Storage                             2 – 8 degree Celsius

Inhalt: 10,00 Tests

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