Wheat/Gluten (Gliadin) ELISA Kit II

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Superior to detect allergen in highly processed food by special extraction buffer and antibodies 1 Testkit (VE) = 96 Bestimmungen (0,31 µg Weizenprotein / g Lebensmittel, 0,26 µg Glutenprotein / g Lebensmittel)

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Kit Characteristics

| High recovery :  
Using an innovative extraction solution, the recovery rate is extremely increased. The food allergen ELISA kits can detect the target protein from highly processed food.
| High sensitivity:
The sensitivity of the target (allergenic) food protein is 0.31 µg/g food. The dynamic range detectable by this kit is 0.78 - 50 ng/mL
| High specificity: 
The specially prepared polyclonal antibody can achieve less cross-reactivity against the foods using various ingredient.
| Standard extraction solution:
The sample preparation/extraction is performed by using standard extraction solution for all food allergen ELISA Kit?

| Kit Specifications:
Principle:                                       Two step Sandwich ELISA method
Measuring range:                            0.78 - 50 ng/mL
Sample volume:                              0.1 mL
Measurable sample number:           40 samples (Duplicate)
Sample Extraction:                         Overnight (at least 12 hours) or Heat for 10min as Short Time Extraction Method
Measuring Time:                            Within 2 hours (excluding Sample Preparation/Extraction)
Reproducibility:                              Intra-, Inter-, Lot to Lot reproducibility: C.V.< = 10%
Kit component:                              All liquid (except Antibody-coated module)
Storage:                                         2 - 8 degree Celsius

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